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Jesmond LTN Protest

If you are a Resident, Business or Service Provider or are someone who is affected by the Jesmond LTN


Business Report
Protest the Bollards


Formal Objection

Send your objection in writing by Sunday 15 October.
Quote reference GH/P44/1317
Newcastle Parking Services, PO Box 2BL, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE99 2BL

You must state the grounds for your objection.

You can read the Council’s Statement of Reasons below


Sign our Petition

We are getting closer to our next 5000 target. 

Please sign and share this petition. It is open to everyone affected by the Jesmond LTN. 


Keep Updated via Commonplace

Commonplace is a platform that collates and analyses reports and data on behalf of Newcastle Council. Now that the consultation period has ended you can no longer add your comments to commonplace but you can still register to be updated on any NCC decision. 


Email Council direct

Councillors and council departments to contact with any questions regarding the scheme, to give feedback on how it affects you, or to report any incidences such as delays caused to emergency vehicles.

All email addresses are :- (Councillor and cabinet member responsible for scheme implementation) (Labour North Jesmond) (LibDem North Jesmond) (LibDem North Jesmond) (Labour South Jesmond) (Labour South Jesmond) (Labour South Jesmond) (Leader of NCC)


Join Us

Volunteer to help, leaflet drops, protests, admin... we have many roles you can do. 


Freedom of Information

You can also make any Freedom of Information request to obtain data from the Concil, police or other autorities.


Report Effects on Businesses and Services

If you are a business or service affected by the Jesmond LTN then please complete the Google Form. 

Local businesses in Jesmond are a huge part of our Community and are what makes Jesmond the vibrant and bustling place it is. We need your feedback. 

Get in Touch

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Or send us a message using the form here

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