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Newcastle City Council Audit Committee Meeting

David Wilkinson was granted 5 minutes to speak before the Newcastle City Council's Audit Committee.

His presentation aired concerns about the bias and a lack of objectivity after the Council gave a minority group called Space for Jesmond, the loudest voice in the consultation for East Jesmond LTN.

Many residents and businesses were not consulted at all and the Council used skewed data to back up their LTN scheme in the recent interim report. Newcastle City Council demonstrated an obvious lack of compliance with Statutory Guidelines.

There will now be an Internal Review of the LTNS implemented across the City.

This is a very welcome outcome and let's hope that this review can give some answers to those many businesses, residents and visitors of Jesmond that are so negatively affected by the LTN.

You can read David Wilkinsons Speech here 

You can also read the document put to the Audit Committee  


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