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Freedom of Information Requests

There have been many Freedom of Information ( FOI ) Requests put to the Council and other Organisations in efforts to understand and hold to account the council for their decision making.


On this page you will find the FOI requests made and the responses.


Please get in touch here if you have any FOI that you would like to add  


FOI to the Council regarding the following:-

I would like you to provide me with a copy of the summary of the outcomes from the residents' consultation undertaken in January 2022 relating to traffic and access issues in and around South & North Jesmond. This is mentioned in the East Jesmond LTN publicity but there is no information regarding the outcomes



FOI to Newcastle City Council 

Despite the fact that no consultations had taken place with the residents or businesses that would be directly affected by the LTN, Newcastle City Council were actively encouraging Space for Jesmond, a group that have been accused of lobbying the council into implementing the LTN,  to influence the outcomes of the consultation 



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