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East Jesmond LTN Timeline

Council Schedule

Jan '22 - Dec '22

7th Feb '23 - 19th Feb '23

6th March '23 

31st March '23 

We are here 

Principles and Concepts

Gather thoughts, ideas and aspirations for the overall plan to inform design process.

Pre consultation on the individual proposals

Gather more detailed community reaction relating to elements of the proposals.

Trial measures installed - public consultation period 

Gather feedback from stakeholders and monitor traffic and other user patterns in the area.

Additional Measures adding Grosvenor Road 

Council Interim report

10th Sept 2023

End of 6 month public Consultation Period. 

Below you will find updates on the status of the LTN Consultation and the work One Jesmond Members have done to help collate the data and information required as evidence of the complete shambles the LTN has proven to be here. 

A big thankyou to those that have put so much time and effort into the Information you will read below. 

And please follow the conversation on our Twitter (X) page and Facebook page by clicking the links below

If you have any updates that you would like to add please also get in touch here


Newcastle City Council Interim Report and One Jesmond Response 

Half way through the consultation period the council have produced an interim report. Many stats and information relied on is highly questionable and more information is needed to make this report hold any weight in the argument for/against LTN 

It does give us all insight into the Councils investigatory methods to support their plans. and their use of and the manipulation of statistics and using carefully crafted wording  which is rather insulting to many......

In light of the report our members have put together a response to that report. 

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