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One Jesmond

Reunite our community
Rethink the bollards

One Jesmond is a residents’ group opposed to the current  Jesmond East Low Traffic Neighborhood scheme (LTN)

In March 2023 Newcastle City Council imposed an LTN stopping access throughout Jesmond which has divided the community, affected businesses and services and has had a detrimental and damaging impact on the lives of residents both in and around the Jesmond area. 

If you are a resident, business, service provider, visitor or affected in any way by the LTN please complain to Newcastle City Council.

Our mission is to urge Newcastle City Council to remove the bollards and consult on a fairer more effective solution. 

The Public consultation period for the Jesmond East LTN scheme ended on the 15 October.

Following the end of the consultation the council will take time to review and consider all feedback before any further decisions are made regarding the future of the scheme. The measures will remain in place during the review period and the council will continue to collect data. 

If you would like to be informed of any Commonplace / NCC  updates please clink link below to register.

The bollards have not gone away. 
So neither will we.

We are still campaigning for the bollards to be removed 

The council are still accessing the information received over the consultation period and are still collecting data 

Your opinions still matter and any issues please report to the Council and Highways team here 

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Your voice

We will only be able to change the LTN if we have your support. 

Please follow the links below to voice your opinions, sign and share our petition, and helps us collate the information we need to put to the Council. 

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Help us Reach 5000 Signatures

Newcastle City Council emails

Email the Council Direct

Commonplace Link

Keep updated and register with Commonplace

Formal Objection to Traffic Managment

Make a Formal  Objection 

Business Survey Google Form

Are you a business affected by the LTN?

File an FOI

Freedom of Information Request 

Want to Help?

Here is more information on action you can take 

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