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One Jesmond


Local residents’ group OneJesmond is delighted to hear that Newcastle city council has decided to scrap its disastrous Jesmond Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme.

We congratulate the city council on having the political courage to admit at last that this scheme is a damaging failure and to consign it to the dustbin of history. Genuinely listening to local people’s views is a sign of strength, not of weakness.

The bollards and concrete slabs blocking access to vital local facilities have made daily life a struggle for very many residents, especially the most vulnerable and those with young families. Local businesses have suffered. Congestion has massively increased on the major arterial roads edging Jesmond, causing pollution – not cutting it as the LTN was meant to do.

“Jeopardy Junction”, with its split-second right turn from Jesmond Rd into Osborne Rd, has become a source of anxiety and frustration for drivers. And the blocked roads have provoked great worry among residents over the difficulties and potential delays they pose to emergency services.

OneJesmond was formed to voice the frustration and anger of Jesmond residents who were not properly consulted before this disastrous LTN was imposed. We have fought for nearly a year to get the council to see sense. We thank all the local residents who have doggedly supported our campaign.

OneJesmond totally supports the vision of a safer, cleaner, greener Jesmond. With this abortive LTN swept away we urge the council to now properly consult local people on practical, positive steps to encourage walking and cycling and enhance the area we love. We will remain vigilant and engaged, to ensure that this unwanted scheme does not reappear.

News on Jesmond East Trials Consultation

Click the Link Below to View the Commonplace News Update regarding the End of the LTN Scheme

Your voice

Collectively we have made a positive change within our Community.

We hope and wish for your continued help and support in any future proposals that the Council may look at with regards to the traffic management in Jesmond.

Please keep in touch!

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About One Jesmond

One Jesmond is a residents’ group who have opposed to the Jesmond East Low Traffic Neighborhood scheme (LTN)

In March 2023 Newcastle City Council imposed an LTN stopping access throughout Jesmond which has divided the community, affected businesses and services and has had a detrimental and damaging impact on the lives of residents both in and around the Jesmond area. 

We are very grateful that the Council has taken into consideration the negative affects the LTN has had in making their decision to remove the bollards. 


With your help we have succeeded in our mission!


The Council have said that they will continue to look at ways to address traffic issues in the area so do hope that you will all continue to support One Jesmond and partake in any future discussions and proposals that the Council may put forward.

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